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Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare (1/?)

Title : Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare (1/?)
Genre : Horror
Rating: PG-13
Length : Chaptered
Summary : Kyuhyun, Changmin and Minho return from a camping trip, and soon realise that something terrible has followed them home.

“Kyuhyun I am going to KILL you!”

Changmin groaned at the sound of Minho’s enraged voice, and winced again at the loud peels of laughter Kyuhyun was emitting.

“Kyu, leave him alone,” he called out.

“Changmin, stop ruining my fun!” Kyuhyun yelled back. Changmin rolled his eyes. In all honesty, he would have joined in on any other occasion. It was far too hot for any form of movement though. Forget the years of having to live in a seemingly perpetual sweat-drenched state (thanks to his rigorous training schedule); the weather this summer was torturous.


Changmin blinked and turned his head, startled at Kyuhyun’s alarmed scream.

“The fuck?!” Kyuhyun yelled, pointing accusingly at Minho. “Are you trying to kill me or something?!” The rock at his feet gave Changmin an idea of what had happened.

“Yes!” Minho shot back. “Stop taking pictures of me! I’m trying to pee!”

“Minho, don’t kill Kyuhyun,” Changmin called out. “There’s no witnesses to say who killed him — I don’t want to get blamed.”

“Changmin, get your goddamn priorities straightened out!” Minho snapped.

“Zip up your pants,” Changmin retorted. Minho flushed in embarrassment, and mumbled something about the woods needing inbuilt toilets.

Changmin silently wondered why they had thought camping would be a good idea.

Minho yanked up his pants and stormed off in the opposite direction.

“I need privacy!” he yelled. Kyuhyun let out a snort of amusement.

Minho scowled as he trudged through the foliage, trying to find a good area to…finish his business. Seriously, sometimes he questioned his sanity — why, in the name of god, was he friends with Cho Kyuhyun? He must have been drunk when he accepted the elder’s offer to become apart of his exclusive ‘Kyu-Line’. Or maybe he had simply been enthralled at the idea of being apart of an exclusive club — it was like high school all over again! Except, were they the ‘popular kids’ or the ones who hung out in their own little clique because no one else would accept them?

…No, no — Minho had thousands of screaming, devoted fans. He had to be one of the popular kids.

Minho sighed and let his pants fall to the floor, grimacing as the heat hit him at full force. God, it felt like he was being roasted on a spit, and there wasn't even some cool, heroic story behind it. He wondered whose stupid idea it had been to go camping, but then realised that he had suggested it, so he quickly forced the thought out of his mind. He then grappled for something to replace the thought, because peeing aimlessly in the woods wasn’t exactly the most comfortable feeling.

Then again, he supposed this was better than completing said actions with Kyuhyun around. The eldest of their little trio seriously had no limitations. Anything that could torment his victims was great in Kyuhyun’s books (not that Minho was any better, but he wasn’t going to identify his faults).

…Wait, was something touching him?

Minho froze.

Yup…there was a hand on his neck.

“Yah!” he yelled, whirling around, his pants still entangled around his feet. “Kyuhyun, would you just — ”

There was no one behind him. Minho clenched his jaw and pulled his pants up, his eyes flashing in irritation.

“Kyuhyun!” he yelled. “Changmin — ” He paused, and shook his head. On a normal day Changmin was just as devious as Kyuhyun, but today the DBSK maknae only seemed willing to lie around and bitch about the humid weather. Yes, it was definitely Kyuhyun.

“Kyuhyun! You little fucker!”

Except, well, Kyuhyun didn’t seem to be anywhere within a close proximity. Minho let out a little huff and picked up his pace, jogging to their campsite. It was only a short distance away, and Minho supposed Kyuhyun could have run back undetected. It wasn’t completely improbable.

“What are you yelling about?” Kyuhyun asked, when Minho came barrelling into the small clearing.

Minho stormed up to him and whacked him on the side of the head.

“What the hell?!” Kyuhyun yelped.

“Kyu, you arse!” Minho growled. “Can you just let me piss in peace?! Seriously! Do you know how hard it is to use the toilet back at the dorm, what with five of us all living together?! And then I come here and you — ”

“Hey!” Kyuhyun snapped. “You’re getting no sympathy from me — I’ve had to live with thirteen people in the past, and trust me, the numbers haven’t gotten much better in recent times.”

Changmin nodded his head. “Yeah — ”

“Oh, shut up Changmin,” Minho snorted. “You live with one person — and knowing Yunho-hyung, he probably gives you whatever you want.”

“Wait, no, hold on a second!” Changmin protested. “Jaejoong-hyung, Junsu-hyung and Yoochun-hyung are constantly hanging around at our dorm, so, yeah, they’re might technically be only two people living there but — I still suffer!”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “Whatever — I still win.” He turned to Minho. “Anyway, what does this have to do with anything?”

“You grabbed me!" Minho snapped.

Kyuhyun raised one eyebrow. “Um, when exactly was this?"

"When I was peeing! You grabbed the back of my neck! Don’t try to deny it, because who else could it have been?!”

“You…think I grabbed you while you were peeing.” Kyuhyun’s lips twitched in amusement. “Right, because I’m so eager to traumatise myself.” Kyuhyun snorted. “Anyway, it wasn’t me. Changmin and I have been here the whole time.” Changmin nodded in confirmation.

“Whatever,” Minho snapped, rolling his eyes. “You two were probably in it together. Since you’ve pretty much ruined my day — ”

“Doesn’t take much to ‘ruin your day’ does it?” Changmin murmured in amusement.

“ — I get the single tent, and you two can share the double.”

“Go fuck yourself,” Changmin told him pleasantly. “I brought that tent. I told you guys to bring your own, but Kyuhyun was an idiot and forgot, and you, Minho, conveniently brought a double tent. So, you two are sharing.”

Minho shot Changmin a venomous look.

“Glare all you want,” Changmin replied, smiling. “I’ll still be the one sleeping in luxury, while you suffer next to him.”

“I’ll have my phone turned on all night,” Kyuhyun told Minho, smirking. “I’ll make sure to take some good pictures.”

“Don’t make me punch you,” Minho growled.

“You know,” Changmin murmured, lying lazily on the ground, “maybe it was some sort of animal that grabbed you. Or a crazy fangirl.”

Minho rolled his eyes. “Yeah, nice try Changmin. I know it was you two.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Changmin agreed, his lips curving into a smirk. “I mean, I don’t think anyone would go to those lengths for you.”

“Hey!” Minho snapped. “Shawols love me!”

“Keep your voice down,” Kyuhyun hissed, although amusement flashed in his eyes. “If there really is a crazy Shawol hanging around here, she might kill us for insulting her precious Minho!”

“Oh, sounds great!” Minho brightened. “Hey! Whoever you are — aim for Kyuhyun first! Although, Changmin might be the easier target since he looks like he’s in the midst of a heat stroke…”

Minho yelped as a rock went sailing past his head.

Changmin shrugged. “If you can resort to physical violence, why can’t I?”

The first thing he realised was that it was dark. It was so damn dark, and there was wind, rushing at him, lashing at his skin. He felt tears prickling in his eyes, forcing their way out, except he couldn’t seem to open them.

He wanted to open his mouth, but it seemed to be glued shut, and he didn’t know what he would do if he managed to pry it open. Scream? Could he do that — a part of him was telling him that if he tried, his voice would fail him, just like everything seemed to be failing him.

He woke up.

Changmin breathed heavily, staring into the darkness. The air felt still and heavy, and the heat was unrelenting. Changmin threw his sleeping bag off him and lay still, staring at the dark material of the tent, and wondering what the hell he had been dreaming about. Whatever it was, it was slipping away from him. He remembered the barrage of crushing a air, but everything else seemed foggy.

He silently unzipped the tent and climbed outside. His shirt clung to him, slick with sweat, and Changmin cringed at the texture. His stomach rolled in discomfort. He wondered why he seemed so bothered, because, surely, he’d had worse nightmares.

Changmin walked over to the other tent, feeling the hairs on his neck prickle as he walked through the darkness.

“Stop being an idiot,” he muttered under his breath. He was Shim Changmin, the amazing evil maknae — he didn’t get scared of a bit of darkness.

He bent down and unzipped the larger tent, before climbing inside.

“Huh? What? Who’s there?” Kyuhyun mumbled, his voice slurred with sleep. He blinked, his eyes half-lidded. They narrowed when he caught sight of his friend.

“What are you doing here?” Kyuhyun mumbled. “I’m trying to sleep, and your bony knees are digging into my side.”

“What’s goin’ on?” Minho groaned.

“Min’s in our tent,” Kyuhyun replied, a frown on his face. “Changmin, piss off you dick, you took the good tent.”

“I’m not leaving until I have effectively annoyed the hell out of you,” Changmin replied cheerily, throwing his entire body sideways, so that he covered both of his friends. Minho and Kyuhyun let out a series of protests.

“Changmin, I am going to take naked pictures of you and post them all over the internet!” Kyuhyun growled.

“Kyu, everyone has used that threat on me,” Changmin snorted. “Ever watched our ‘Banjun Theatre’ series? Even the script writers of ‘Dangerous Love’ used that one. Start getting some new material to work with.”

Minho snored.

“Did he fall asleep?” Kyuhyun spluttered in disbelief. “You are crushing us — how the hell did he fall asleep?”

“Good night Kyu,” Changmin murmured.

“Yah! Get off me you unnaturally tall — thing! I need my sleep! Changmin!”

Changmin smirked softly, and felt the memories of his strange dream fading away.

“Changmin! At least move over or something for god sake!”


Okay, this chapter felt…a bit awkward. I don’t know. I’m trying to fit everything together, and I don’t know how it’s turning out. I have the plot of this mapped out, so hopefully everything pulls together. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed :) I hope you enjoy this!

This is pretty much the first horror story I have written since…primary school. I love reading these things, but I’m more of a comedy writer, so…well, hopefully this doesn’t completely flopped.

The main characters in this will be Kyuhyun, Minho and Changmin (obviously), and I’ll also have the SuJu members, the SHINee members, and the DBSK members. Since I can’t really write a fanfic including DBSK without having all 5 members (my DB5K feels…) all of them will be in this fic.

Anyway, as I have already said, hope you enjoy this! Hopefully it’ll get better as the fanfic progresses.

Tags: character:changmin, character:kyu-line, character:kyuhyun, character:minho, fandom:dbsk, fandom:shinee, fandom:superjunior, media:fanfiction, theme:ghosts, theme:horror

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