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Truth or Dare (2/21)

Title: Truth or Dare
Pairings: Hints of Yunjae and Eunhae, and plenty of misunderstandings regarding Changkyu, Minho/Changmin/Kyuhyun, and Minho/everyone (again - MISUNDERSTANDINGS xD).
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Super Junior, DBSK, SHINee (main); includes SNSD, Exo and f(x)
Chapters: 1/21
Summary: Kyuhyun, Minho and Changmin decide to play a game of truth or dare. The goals? Don't let anyone find out. Inflict complete and utter humiliation. Do not lose - seriously. Do. Not. Lose...Obviously it's not long before it all descends into complete and utter chaos.

“Hey Sungmin-hyung?” Ryeowook said, his eyes fixated on the stove in front of him as he spoke. “How come you didn’t sleep in your own room yesterday?”

“Kyu had Minho and Changmin over last night,” Sungmin responded. “Do you think I wanted to deal with those lunatics?”

“They wouldn’t shut up,” Heechul snarled, a look of contempt plastered across his face. “Just look at the circles under my eyes - if they don’t go away before the photo-shoot today, Kyuhyun’s a dead man.”

Sungmin opened his mouth to respond (he wasn’t really sure if he should defend his friend or not, seeing as he had kind of been evicted from his own room the previous night) when Kangin burst into the room, a murderous expression plastered on his face.

“Who the hell threw that laptop at my head last night?” he demanded, his voice promising immense pain.

“I barely even use my laptop!” Sungmin cried defensively. It was best to establish his innocence before Kangin completely lost it - after all, the other male could probably crush him with little to no effort. Sungmin silently cursed his overly-feminine figure.

“Kyu’s the one who constantly uses his laptop,” Ryeowook pointed out. Like Sungmin, he too was eager to shift the blame onto someone else (it wasn’t like he was being a bad friend or anything; he just wanted to preserve his own life).

“Kill Kyuhyun,” Heechul said, moodily staring down at the table. In contrast to Ryeowook, he was more concerned about revenge than his own personal safety.

Kangin snorted. “You think Kyuhyun threw his laptop at me?” Sarcasm dripped from his words. “Get real. This is one thing we can’t blame the evil maknae for.”

“What can’t you blame me for?” Kyuhyun inquired, wandering idly into the kitchen.

“Someone threw a laptop out the window last night,” Kangin told him, clearly irritated. “Stupid thing hit me on the head.”

Kyuhyun paled.

“I’d be smashing your face in right now if it were anything but a laptop,” Kangin added. “I know it couldn’t possibly be you.”

Kyuhyun let out a high-pitched, nervous laugh. “Yeah...” His eyes sparked suddenly, his previous fear replaced with a sudden need to be his usual evil self.

“You know,” he said, trying to hide his obvious amusement, “you should speak to Eunhyuk-hyung. I’ve heard he’s been pretty frustrated with his laptop lately...”

Kangin’s eyes darkened.

Kyuhyun inwardly cackled with glee.

“Here’s your breakfast,” Ryeowook said, placing a plate of bacon and eggs in front of his friend.

“Hey Kyu,” Sungmin said, “where are Changmin and Minho?”

“Oh...” Kyuhyun smirked. “They...had to leave early...” He snickered lightly.

Sungmin let out a loud sigh, concerned for the safety of the two in question.

“Do you see any dark circles?” Heechul asked, squinting to see his face in the reflection of the oven door. “Dammit, I can’t have dark circles, we have that stupid photo-shoot! I’m supposed to be the best looking one!”

“You know,” Ryeowook argued, “technically you aren’t the only visual of this group -”

“Shut up,” Heechul snapped, cutting him off. “The rest were pity votes.”

Kyuhyun let out a loud cough, looking amused.

The sound of cursing captured the attention of all those present in the room; they turned their attention to the doorway of the kitchen just in time to see Changmin storm through.

“Kyuhyun, you arse,” Minho snarled, following close behind. “You locked us in your goddamn room!”

Kyuhyun snapped up, a scowl plastered across his face. “Who let you out?” he demanded. He had hoped that his (rather weak, he had to admit) revenge would last for much longer. Preferably long enough for at least one of the two to die of starvation...

“I did,” Siwon said, wandering into the room. He paused, startled by the venomous stare being directed his way. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked, warily.

Changmin sighed loudly. “Is this payback for the -?”

“So,” Kyuhyun said, cutting off the other male before he could continue. “Did you hear about how Eunhyuk-hyung -” He shot the two a warning stare - “dropped his laptop on Kangin-hyung's head?”

“...Eunhyuk-hyung?” Changmin stared, blankly.

“Yeah I know,” Kyuhyun responded, “how much does that suck, huh? Wasting a perfectly good laptop - doesn’t that just make you want to bludgeon him over the head?!” He let out a loud laugh, taking a large mouthful of his breakfast.

“Or you know,” he added, ignoring the startled stares being direction his way, “whoever may have influenced him to do so?!”

There was an awkward pause.

“...Kyu,” Ryeowook said, hesitantly, “your breakfast is getting cold...”


Being crammed in-between Kyuhyun and Heechul, Sungmin decided, really wasn’t fun, seeing as the former was currently glaring moodily out the window, and the latter was glaring moodily at his compact mirror.

“That’s a lot of concealer your using,” he said awkwardly, glancing uncertainly at Heechul.

“Dark circles,” was the only answer he received.

Sungmin frowned. “Yes but -”

“No Sungmin.”

“You think that’s bad?” Kangin grumbled from the seat in front of them. “I have a goddamn bruise on my forehead that’s the size of that asshole Eunhyuk’s big head!”

“For the last time, I did not throw a laptop at your head!” Eunhyuk cried.

“Would you all keep it down?!” their manager snarled from the front seat of the van. “You aren’t a bunch of kids for gods sake!”

“Don’t use God’s name in vain.”

Their manager winced, forcing himself not to snap back. “Thank you for that Siwon,” he ground out.

Taking a deep breath, he continued. “Sungmin, stop annoying Heechul.”

“What?!” Sungmin cried. “I’m not!”

“Heechul,” he said, choosing to ignore the indignant exclamation, “stop playing with that makeup; Kangin, stop insulting Eunhyuk; Eunhyuk, take responsibility for your own actions -”

“I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“ - and Leeteuk, for godsake, you’re the leader - deal with this!”

From the passenger seat, Leeteuk snorted. “Do I look like I’m insane?”

Their manager took a deep breath, his gaze focusing on the rearview mirror; he immediately let out a frustrated sigh.

“Kyuhyun,” he almost moaned, “why are you smiling like that?”

Kyuhyun’s smirk grew wider. “No reason.”

“Kyu -” Shaking his head, the manager decided that it was much too early to deal with all of this.

Kyuhyun let out a soft laugh; the reason he was currently feeling so gleeful was due to the fact that, after hours of brainstorming, he had finally come up with the perfect dare for Changmin. Sure, it was Minho like he had wanted - friend or not, he would have made the rapper suffer - but he was pretty good at deflecting his anger at everyone around him.

Reaching into his pocket and grasping his phone, Kyuhyun eagerly pulled it out and scrolled through his contacts list, pausing when his eyes finally zeroed in on Changmin’s name. Smirking evilly, he typed his message into the space provided, hoping to provide his friend with an inkling of the hell that was to come.

He put his phone away, letting out a loud, gleeful cackle. The others in the car flinched at the sound of it, hoping like hell that they weren’t the victims of whatever had motivated such an evil sound.


“So,” Yunho said, dragging his eyes away from the television screen in order to focus on his fellow DBSK member. “How were Kyuhyun and Minho?”

Changmin made no move to respond.


“...You know when you push really hard for something, and then when you finally get it, you realize that it was a big mistake to want it in the first place?”

“Er...” Yunho blinked, unsure of how to answer.

“Yeah...” Changmin sighed loudly. “I can’t really go into detail about this because...well, I can’t tell you that either...yeah...”

“Changmin, you aren’t making any sense,” Yunho said slowly, unsure of whether or not to be concerned.

“Yeah...” Changmin sighed loudly. “I can’t tell you why I’m not making any sense.”

“Then what can you tell me?” the elder asked, growing more confused by the second.




Yunho stared at him, trying to formulate some sort of response; after a few moments of grappling at nothing he decided to simply give up. He turned his attention back to the television.

Changmin frowned as he felt his phone vibrate, signaling the arrival of a new text message. Pulling it out he glanced down at it, feeling slightly apprehensive when he saw who the sender was. His eyes widened as he read the message.

“Changmin?” Yunho glanced at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Er, nothing!” Changmin stammered. “It’s just...a funny joke...”

The maknae glanced down at his phone again, his eyes repeatedly scanning over the message: “Have you ever had the talk?”

What did that even mean?

“Er, Changmin,” Yunho forced himself to say, “you’re acting really strange -”

The phone vibrated again; Changmin glanced down.

‘You must be wondering - what talk?’

“No,” Changmin muttered, “I’m really not...”

“Not what?”

“Nothing, nothing,” he hurriedly said. “Er...I’m going to go upstairs, okay?” He pulled himself off the sofa and walked briskly to the staircase.

“Wait!” Yunho protested. “I thought we were watching this?”

“Yeah, you do that,” Changmin absently responded. “I’m just going to -”

Another text. Changmin sighed, bracing himself for the worst. He glanced down.

‘The sexual kind of talk.’

He flushed deeply and rushed up the staircase. His fingers slammed against the buttons of his phone, eyes narrowed as he formulated his response.

‘Kyu’, he typed, ‘what the HELL are you talking about?!’


Kyuhyun glanced down at his phone as he felt it vibrate, a smirk forming as his eyes scanned over the text that had just arrived.

‘You’ll find out soon enough,’ he typed, letting out a loud cackle as he did.

Everyone jumped, shooting him wary glances.

“Dammit!” Heechul, who had fallen asleep, leapt up in alarm. He shot Kyuhyun a furious stare. “I’m trying to get some sleep!”

“That’s not going to make the dark circles disappear,” Siwon said, slightly amused.

Heechul snorted. “I suppose you’re about to suggest that I pray instead?”

Siwon frowned. “You know,” he said, “I do more than just pray.”

“Yeah!” Kyuhyun agreed, smirking. “You stand around all day and look pretty.”

Rather than looking offended, Siwon seemed incredibly flattered.

“That wasn’t a compliment,” Kyuhyun added, hoping to establish the fact that his comment had in fact been an insult.

“I’m the pretty one!” Heechul snarled.

From the drivers seat, their manager gripped the steering wheel tightly.

Tags: character:changmin, character:kyu-line, character:kyuhyun, character:minho, fandom:dbsk, fandom:shinee, fandom:superjunior, fic:truthordare, media:fanfiction, pairing:changkyu, pairing:kyuhyun/changmin/minho, pairing:minho/everyone, pairing:yunjae, theme:minho-torment-(the-crack-kind), theme:misunderstandings, theme:protective!dbskhyungs, theme:protective!sujuhyungs, theme:shamelesscrack

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